Dem Rep. Green: A ‘Righteous Thing’ to Impeach Trump Over ‘Bigotry Emanating from the President’


Tuesday on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” Rep. Al Green (D-TX) said it was a “righteous thing” to impeach President Donald Trump over bigotry.

Green said, “He appears to be an un-indicted co-conspirator, we need to know. The president fired the person who was investigating his campaign to determine whether there was collusion with Russians, really conspiracy. Let’s use that term for public purposes. Those two things are worthy of arguing consideration to impeachment. But more important than these is the whole notion of bigotry emanating from the president and his policy.”

He continued, “It is time for people to decide, are we going to take on bigotry or allow this to fester and grow? You do not eliminate bigotry by dealing with it in a politically expedient way. You have to deal with it head-on. We were elected, we have a large majority in the House for a reason, and it’s not to allow Republicans to continue to control the floor of the House of Representatives, and there will be another vote.”

He added, “Knowing the truth and the truth setting you free, is from the Christian Bible. And one man, one vote, comes from a case that went before the Supreme Court. But listen, my brother, this is not about the election that was lost. This is about the country that may be lost. This is about whether or not we are going to do the right thing at the right time. This is the righteous thing we are doing. Dr. King reminded us that the time is always right to do that which is right. What’s amazing to me is that many of the status quo personalities will admit that he is unfit to be president, will admit that he has done things that are the equivalent of impeachable offenses but will then turn and say we do not want to upset our status quo. When the framers of the Constitution did this, knowing that there would be a time of turmoil when this happened. They knew it would be partisan. Read the Federalist Papers, the words of Madison, read what they said in Federalist Papers about what the times would be like. Times such as these, they were prophetic with their writings and we ought to understand that this is the time that they wrote about and Trump is the president they spoke about.”

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