House Minority Ldr McCarthy: Intelligence Committee ‘Misled’ Americans — Owes Trump, the Country an ‘Apology’


In the wake of FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation finding no evidence of collusion with in the 2016 presidential election, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Tuesday during a fiery press conference that President Donald Trump and Americans deserve an “apology” from the House Intelligence Committee and others who claimed they had evidence.

McCarthy outlined that Americans were “misled.”

“For those who misled the American public, for those who said for more than two years that there’s circumstantial evidence of collusion, owe America an apology,” charged McCarthy. “To mislead us, to lead us down a path, to withhold our ability to solve problems that were before the American public, and now it’s a moment of time for the Democrats to turn a page — not to waste their majority as they have for the time that they have been in.”

He later added, “I think [Trump]’s owed an apology from every individual that stood there and said they had proof. If they said they knew of collusion … I do believe he’s owed an apology from anyone that put their politics of dislike before the American public.”

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