Nadler: Trump’s Obstruction of Justice in Mueller Report ‘If Proven’ Would Be Impeachable

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said  he believed Mueller Report includes grounds for impeachment with the caveat, “if proven.”

Nadler said, “The key is here that Barr clearly misled the American people both on obstruction of justice where there’s plenty of evidence that there was obstruction, laid out in the report.”

Host Chuck Todd asked, “You have all of this case of obstruction presented in Mueller report as you state. some might ask why haven’t you start — why haven’t you opened an impeachment inquiry or, in fairness, is that what you’re doing right now?”

Nadler said, “I don’t think we’re doing that. We may get to that. We may not. As I said, it is our job to go through all the evidence — all the information we can get.”

After more back and forth, Todd asked, “Do you think this is impeachable.”

Nadler said, “Yeah, I do. I do think if proven, if proven which hasn’t been yet, some of this would be impeachable, yes. Obstruction of justice if proven would be impeachable.”

Todd in interjected, “And you’re going to go about to see if you can prove it?”

Nadler said, “We’re going to see where the facts lead us.”

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