MSNBC’s Wallace: ‘Fuming’ at ‘Cowardly’ Democrats for Not Impeaching Trump

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” after interviewing Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) host Nicolle Wallace was “fuming” that the Democrats were not immediately impeaching President Donald Trump if they believe he committed obstruction of justice.

Clark said several times impeachment was not off the table, but after a commercial break, Wallace said, “We’re back. Eddie, we were fuming in the break—I was fuming, I won’t sell anyone out. But here’s what I was trying to get at with the congresswoman; if impeachment were politically popular you the attack on Democrats would be that they were pursuing it because it was politically expedient. If she believes that crimes were committed and that Mueller unearthed them in the second volume of the obstruction report, I don’t understand why the fact that impeachment is polarizing, it makes them just as cowardly as the Republicans.”

MSNBC contributor Eddie Glaude said, “Absolutely. To my mind, it’s an abdication of their constitutional responsibility. If it’s the case they believe the president of the United States committed a crime, if it is the case, that I think it is, that there is an argument being made aggressively about a Unitarian Executive, that undermines the separation of powers, it is incumbent on the Democratic party, the party that runs the House, the House of the people, to be the bearer of the Constitution, our democracy. Plus as a performative contradiction—you can’t tell me, on the one hand, you’re passing legislation knowing it’s going to die in McConnell’s Senate and tell me, on the other hand, we shouldn’t impeach because it’s going to die in the Senate. You think we’re boo-boo the fool, when, in fact, what it is at the end of the day—you lack courage. You lack courage. If you lack courage in this dark time, our democracy is in peril.”

Wallace added, “If you think it’s too fuzzed up if you don’t think he didn’t anything wrong in the Mueller Probe. That explains not pursuing impeachment. But since the day the Mueller Report came out, I haven’t heard a Democrat say that. They haven’t said it’s fuzzed up.  They say there’s clear evidence, and close to 700 prosecutors signed a letter saying if he were anyone other than the president he would be indicted.”

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