Joni Ernst: Trump Calling Farmers Patriots Doesn’t Pay Their Bills

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) said the trade conflict with China was hurting farmers in her home state.

Ernst said, “I think we need see a deal done. I would love to see it this summer. I don’t see that happening this summer.”

She added, “At what point do you say national security, the interests of our country, that’s enough? I think that our trade rep, the president, they understand the implications. They know better where we are those negotiations. The president has asked those farmers to hang on just a little bit longer. It is tenuous. It is hurting in the Midwest. It’s hurting all over the country with the tariffs but at the same time, we do have to get China to the table. We have to stop them from stealing intellectual property. We have to stop them from force technology transfers. that’s detrimental not only to our economy but national security. The president has called our farmers patriots, it doesn’t pay the bills. It doesn’t pay the bills. We’ll see in the up coming months how long we can sustain.”

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