Thursday at her weekly briefing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) defended former Vice President Joe Biden about his comments about working with segregationists.

A reporter asked, “Do you think that is helpful to the party to sort of fight that fight over who best represents the party when it comes to sensitivities about race, do you think that there are apologies owed, or should be extended, and is this helpful to the Democrats at this time?”

Pelosi said, “I think that authenticity is the most important characteristic that candidates have to convey to the American people, and Joe Biden is authentic. He has lived his life, he considers certain things a resource, that he has worked across the aisle, that’s what he was saying. That’s not what this election is about. This election is about how we connect with the American people, addressing their kitchen table needs. For us to spend time on an issue like this, which is important, but it’s not central to what the election is about, what the election is about is the financial stability and well-being of Americans working families.”

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