Susan Del Percio on Trump: ‘I Don’t Know if We Can Wait Until 2020 to Put Him in His Place’

Republican political analyst Susan Del Percio on Friday called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to do something about removing President Donald Trump from office.

Del Percio said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” she does not think the United States can wait until the 2020 presidential election to “put him in his place,” hoping out loud that Pelosi can.

“When President Trump started out, he had a complacent majority with the Senate and the House,” Del Percio told co-host Mika Brzezinski. “Now, he’s lost the House so it’s really one of the reasons why I was actually happy to see Nancy Pelosi become speaker because I know she understands the process and understands leadership. She’s got to force the president’s hand on this. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on the Senate. We can’t even rely on some voices in the Senate to be responsible.”

She continued, “So, this is going to fall on [Pelosi] and I hope she’s able to do something. I think the NAFTA 2.0 deal is a very good thing to hold over the president’s head because that is literally the only thing that he’s almost negotiated through completion. So, there’s a lot of opportunity for there. But the other thing we have to be careful about is … this summer he said, ‘Don’t believe what you read or see, believe what I tell you.’ This is what he does. He over-talks an issue. So as if he says it enough, we will believe Alabama was in that path. It does not make it true. When the stock market fell 800 points in one day and it was all talking about a global slowdown, his strategy was to over-talk the issue. So, Donald Trump, you know, I don’t know if we can wait until 2020 to put him in his place. But hopefully, Nancy Pelosi can.”

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