Huckabee: Impeachment Inquiry Leading to ‘Landslide Reelection of President Trump’

Monday, Fox News contributor and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee weighed in on the impeachment inquiry, agreeing with the notion that it is “fracturing America.”

Huckabee predicted on “Fox & Friends” that the ongoing talks of impeachment will lead to the “landslide reelection” of President Donald Trump in 2020 because Democrats have not been focused on the “real issues.”

“People are polarized and divided, and it’s not doing anything to accomplish what we need,” Huckabee said of the impeachment probe. “The USMCA is sitting there on the table. Is Nancy Pelosi bringing that up? That’s millions of American jobs and a boost to the economy, why don’t they care about that? I mean, those are real issues that could be resolved, but they’re busy chasing rainbows out here.”

He continued, “It’s pretty apparent that this is not going anywhere other than to the, I think, landslide reelection of President Trump next year. And I know, I’m on a limb saying that. Mark it down, dot the tape, let’s watch it a year from now, the day after the election. That’s what I believe will happen. And the Democrats will have largely done it to themselves.”

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