Maxine Waters: Republicans ‘Don’t Care About the Democracy’

On Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) accused Republicans in the Senate of not caring “about the democracy.”

Host Joy Reid asked, “When you see a senator, a United States senator like Lindsey Graham bragged and laughed of the idea that the constitutional process you are involved in is going to die in the Senate as a foregone conclusion, what do you make of that?”

Waters said, “When we have heard a lot of discussions about abusive of power, this country has not seen anything yet. They’re about to see McConnell and the Republicans run over the Constitution, disregard everybody. He told you in advance that he’s not going to be fair, and so we are about to see something worse than this country has ever seen.”

She added, “Watch what happens in the Senate. You are going to see what happens when your democracy is undermined. You are going to see what happens when you have people in power who disregard the Constitution, who don’t care about the democracy, who opens in the door to Putin and Russia. And you are going to see that things are going to change if this president remains in office. You will see him align himself with Putin and Russia. He already said, you know, that he’s not going to condemn him. He’s not going to do anything to talk about the fact that we have been undermined already by Putin and Russia. They’re going to do it again. This president does not care at all.”

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