Bloomberg: Some Dem Candidates ‘Almost Guarantee’ Trump’s Reelection

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, during Monday’s “Today” on NBC discussed the 2020 presidential election and his decision to enter the race.

Bloomberg said at first he did not plan to run, but after seeing that none of the candidates still in the race could beat Trump, he decided to enter the fray, adding some of the Democrats “almost guarantee” his reelection.

“I watched as a lot of people I liked dropped out slowly over time. And those remaining had ideas that I did not think were practical. And I looked, and I didn’t think any of them could beat Donald Trump,” explained Bloomberg. “Some, in fact, would almost guarantee his reelection.”

NBC’s Craig Melvin asked Bloomberg, “You didn’t think Joe Biden could beat Donald Trump?”

“I’m not going to mention any names,” Bloomberg replied.

“Well, you said you didn’t think any of them could beat Donald Trump,” Melvin reminded the former mayor.

Bloomberg told Melvin, “Any of them, I guess, includes everybody. That’s probably good English. You’re right.”

Bloomberg reasoned he was a better candidate than Biden because he knows Trump better, and he would be “more acceptable to the middle-of-the-road Republicans” who do not like Trump but do want “somebody fiscally responsible.”

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