GOP Rep. Jordan: ‘If John Bolton Would Come in, It Wouldn’t Change Any of the Underlying Facts’

Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Wednesday asked Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) why he was opposed to calling former National Security Advisor John Bolton as a witness in President Donald Trump’s Senate trial.

MacCallum said, “With regard to John Bolton, one of the things that you hammered home during the House side of this process was that all of this is hearsay. But now you have John Bolton saying that he was in the room, that he knows the president’s thinking on this. The president has flatly denied that, says it isn’t true. But how do you get past that?”

A member of the president’s impeachment defense team, Jordan said, “I think we have another example of hearsay. We have someone telling The New York Times what John Bolton’s manuscript supposedly says, and we are supposed to stop the presses and change everything and allowed Democrats to go from a 17-0 witness account to an 18-0 witness count?”

MacCallum interrupted, “But that’s exactly the reason that a lot of the witnesses who want John Bolton say, ‘OK let’s bring him in the room and let’s find out the truth.'”

Jordan said, “If John Bolton would come in it wouldn’t change any of the underlying facts.”

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