McSally: People Appreciate When We Call the ‘Liberal’ Media, CNN What They Are — ‘They’re in Cahoots with the Democrats’

Tuesday on Fox News, Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) elaborated on her interaction with CNN’s Manu Raju last month, in which she called him a “liberal hack.”

McSally explained that despite criticism from her detractors, it was not an “emotional” outburst.

“Well, you know, I’m a fighter pilot, I just speak plainly. Of course, CNN’s a bunch of liberal hacks, right? They decided to escalate. You know, first, they said, oh, was she having a bad day?”

“I’m a combat pilot,” she continued. “I’ve flown in combat, put my life on the line, I wasn’t emotional and broke under the pressure of CNN, which is just laughable. I just decided to call it like it was, and then they escalated. The ridiculousness of how CNN and their liberal friends in the media responded really just — I rest my case in how ridiculous they got.”

The Arizona Republican said she saw evidence that the liberal media, in particular, CNN, were linked, and added that people appreciate when you call it what it is.

“I think — you know, it actually — I think it rallied the base. People, I think, appreciate when we call the media, the liberal media, especially CNN, what they are. They’re in cahoots with the Democrats. On any given day, you can’t tell the difference between what the DNC talking points are, what the trackers, you know, who are trying to mob you, paid by the activists are, and what the liberal media is asking.

“So, let’s have honest conversations about what’s really happening here, call it what it is, and I think it just rallied the base to join us.”

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