Brzezinski: Trump Is Giving ‘Long, Rambling Tirades’ in the Fight Against a Deadly Virus

Thursday on MSNBC, network anchor Mika Brzezinski reacted to President Donald Trump’s coronavirus press briefing.

Co-host Joe Scarborough said, “There does always seem to be an over-promise.”

He continued, “As you’re going into the press conference, you hear today, for instance, we heard there was going to be big news from the FDA. All we heard is something that doctors were telling me a week ago that anti-malaria medicine may be available to make the coronavirus effects a little less severe. What was so striking, first of all, the president was very tired today. He looked very tired in the press conference. He made very clear today, again, and you talked about the, quote, the federal government is not a shipping clerk, but unlike past products s presidents, whether it was FDR or President Bush after 9/11, this president is not going to use the White House as the command and control for a national emergency. National emergencies don’t get much more extreme than this.”

Brzezinski said, “I think the key takeaway from what we just saw is that we’re a country still flat-footed in the fight against a deadly virus that is spreading across the country. You go to this news conference. You want to hear the latest. You want to ask questions about the latest on testing, on supplies, like masks and ventilators, and you’ve got sort of long, rambling tirades from the president going all over the place talking about fantastic remedies that will be unbelievable like nothing ever seen before and none of it is imminent. None of it is now. None of it is any time soon. There are no masks, and we have the CDC website guidance giving guidance to make your own. That’s where we are.”

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