Scarborough: ‘A Very Real Possibility’ Our Health Care System ‘Collapses’ During Coronavirus Pandemic

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough issued a stark warning on Thursday regarding the country’s health care system amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Scarborough said there is a “very real possibility” the U.S. health care system “collapses” from being “overtaxed” and not having the proper amount of basic supplies.

“We’re just in Act One of this,” Scarborough told co-host Mika Brzezinski. “Act Two is when the hospitals start to get jammed, Mika. When our health care professionals don’t have the supplies they need to keep them safe, then they go down. And the possibility, the very real possibility, I’m certainly not saying this to disturb anybody, but this is the reality we seem to be facing. [When] health care professionals don’t have the safety supplies they need, then our health care professionals go down, and then suddenly, an overtaxed emergency room and an overtaxed hospital, an overtaxed health care system collapses. So this situation, let’s hope the social distancing, let’s hope governments shutting down interaction between people, let’s hope that stops that emergency from coming.”

“But again, there’s a three-week lag on everything that’s happening. So, I think even if we shut the country down tomorrow, or even if we shut the country down today, that three-week lag is still going to hit us. And it is going to be felt most acutely in the hospitals, in the emergency rooms, where we don’t have basic equipment,” he added.

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