Brooks: It Appears FBI ‘Screwed Up’ Flynn Case, But I Can’t Trust DOJ

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks reacted to the dropping of charges against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn by stating that there is evidence of mistakes by the FBI, but he can’t trust the judgments of the Department of Justice because it has become partisan.

Brooks stated, “The first is that Flynn confessed, so he pleaded guilty, so I take him at his word that he lied. The second thing is that the Justice Department has become a hyperpartisan institution, and we can’t have faith in its judgments. The third thing, though, is that the FBI might have screwed up here. The journalist Eli Lake of Bloomberg, who’s a good journalist, has been making this argument for several months now. And the documents that have come out seem to clear with Lake’s longtime argument, which was that the original investigation into Flynn by the FBI did not reveal anything, and they kept the investigation open. They at least considered the possibility they were keeping the investigation open, not to convict him of something, but to induce him to lie.”

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