Blackburn: ‘We Are Really in a Cold War Footing When It Comes to Dealing with China’

Sunday on FNC’s “The Fox Report,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) backed the growing chorus of those calling for China to be held accountable for the spread of the coronavirus and their actions to cover up the virus in its early stages as Chinese leadership threatens to sanction GOP lawmakers for their criticisms of its handling of the virus.

Blackburn warned the United States was “on a Cold War footing” with China and stressed the importance of holding China accountable for everything they have done in recent decades, from hacking and stealing intellectual property to its coronavirus cover-up.

“They have been hacking in, stealing intellectual property, and getting away with it for decades. This time, they’ve been caught. And it is so important that we follow through with holding them accountable,” Blackburn advised.

“Look, we are really on a Cold War footing when it comes to dealing with China,” she added. “This is why we have to step forward — the Stop COVID Act that Senator McSally, Senator Daines, Rep. Gooden and I have filed, that is a way for American citizens to have their day in court and to get some restitution, if you will, for what has been done in loss of life and livelihood. … Another thing, China is big in debt diplomacy. So, they own and hold a lot of our debt — over $1 trillion. When that payment comes due, maybe we need to go negotiate that payment. Also, looking forward at manufacturing, bringing our supply chain back — this is something that has growing bipartisan support.”

Blackburn later emphasized, “America should not back down.”

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