Andrea Mitchell: ‘Horrifying’ Trump has Politicized the Mask Debate

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell said it was “horrifying” President Donald Trump is making wearing a mask a political issue.

Host Chuck Todd said, “One of the things that I think is already a theme from just this show this morning is how, very gently, whether it’s Republican governor Mike DeWine or the national security adviser,  they want to make the point that, let’s not politicize the mask debate.”

Mitchell said, “But the president has politicized the mask debate. The president is the one who is fighting his own medical guidelines from the CDC and others, sidelining the medical advisers. We haven’t seen very much of them with the one exception of Dr. Birx the other night briefly, and she was in a very ambiguous situation at that last briefing. So, the president is fighting his own government, and his rebellion tweets. I mean, he is the one who has made this red state/blue state, and it is really horrifying in a pandemic to be making it a political issue. It should be a medical issue, a health issue, not a political issue.”

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