Sen. Rick Scott: Mail-in Voting Can Be Done Safely — Dems Want ‘Only Mail-in Ballots and I Don’t Think That’s Right’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) said he believes states can conduct mail-in voting for the November election amid the coronavirus pandemic safely.

Scott said, “Well, what I’ve always believed is, I want people to go vote, and we’ve got to do it where there’s no fraud, so 100%, zero percent fraud. We have absentee ballots in Florida. We figured out how to do it in a safe manner. Now, I think what a lot of the Democrats want to do is do only mail-in ballots, and I don’t think that’s right. I think as long as you can do it safely, and as long as you can make sure there’s no fraud, we ought to be able to do absentee ballots like we do it in Florida.”

He continued, “If you follow the law, and you enforce the law, and you set up the laws the right way, you can do it.”

On President Donald Trump’s objections to mail-in voting, Scott said, “Well, I think what he’s saying is that it’s only, they’re talking about only doing mail-in ballots. I believe you can do it safely and you have the laws, and everybody follows the laws, I think that’s the key,” Scott responded. “I’m fine with absentee ballots the way we do it in Florida, with early voting the way we do it in Florida, with Election Day voting, which is clearly the safest.”

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