VIDEO: 10-Year-Old California Girl Chases Off Suspected Burglar

A ten-year-old California girl was caught on camera chasing off a suspected burglar while she was waiting in the family’s car in the driveway of their home.

The suspect drove around in a brown Mitsubishi Outlander Sport several times before parking and walking towards the open garage, KFSN reported.

But what he did not realize is that there was a girl inside the parked SUV who saw him as he made his way to the garage.

A video captured on the Ring surveillance camera showed the girl scaring off the intruder, shouting, “Get out of here!” before the suspect fled down the street.

“She is very brave. I am so surprised. She was pretty shook up, I felt pretty bad for her. She was really scared, but that was such a bold move of her,” says Jordan Pendley, the girl’s mother.

The girl’s father, Dylan Pendley, told KGET that the man on camera attempted to steal a golf cart from the home’s garage.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the incident.


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