Van Jones: ‘We Are One More Videotape Away from Cities Going Up in Flames’

Sunday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” network political commentator Van Jones said the protests, riots, and looting in response to the death of George Floyd could grow into more substantial civil unrest.

Jones said, “We are in a tough situation. There are two possible futures very clear tracks. Right now, if we do not deal with this situation, we are headed towards civil unrest. By end of summer, you could have 10 or 15 American cities on fire. There is no reason to go down that road. The way off that road is simple. Number one, Tom Walz, who was just mentioned, the governor, he needs to appoint Keith Ellison, the attorney general, trusted by the black community and by people across the state to take over this case. This case is being mishandled at the local level. You do not give somebody at murder charge. You are going to pled down from there. Plead down to what? A traffic ticket? That being mishandled. The governor there has a decision to make. The FBI is already involved. They should make arrests as well to send a clear signal that the federal and state government will not let this stand.”

He continued, “Lastly, there needs to be legislation bipartisan legislation, the process should start tomorrow, tomorrow, to get police reform. If you can show that the system is beginning to work, that the state is going to come in, the feds are coming in for justice and then change the laws, can calm this down. But we are one more videotape away from cities going up in flames. The level of frustration is so high.”

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