CNN’s Sellers on Trump Using Tear Gas to Move Protesters: ‘George Wallace Is Probably Looking Up at Him with a Smile’

During Tuesday’s broadcast of “New Day” on CNN, network contributor reacted to police using tear gas to move protesters for President Donald Trump’s photo-op at St. John’s Church the day before.

According to Sellers, segregationist George Wallace is “probably looking up” at Trump “with a smile” for his actions against a group protesting the death of George Floyd, who was in Minneapolis Police custody at the time.

“One of the other things that we have to mention is years of systemic racism and injustice that have plagued black communities for a long time that are now overflowing in the streets,” Sellers told host John Berman. “Look, yesterday, the President of the United States used tear gas, used the military against peaceful protesters. The only thing I could think of was George Wallace is probably looking up at him with a smile. And then he went over, and he held up a Bible. And I’m reminded of the brown refugee, neither of which does President Trump truly care for. This is a moment, and I think David Gregory would understand — Democrat or Republican — this is a moment that we have to have a leader to show elements and characteristics of compassion, empathy and understanding that people deserve the benefit of their humanity. These are things that Donald Trump [does] not possess.”

Sellers also voiced his frustration with conservatives and evangelicals for not speaking out against Trump.

“I am not mad with Donald Trump because I have no level of expectation for Donald Trump, but I am thoroughly pissed off that my friends who are evangelicals, that my conservative friends, that no one is speaking up,” he lamented.

Sellers added, “I’m not worried about Donald Trump, but all my other conservative friends, where are you?”

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