Cruz: Obama, Biden ‘Much, Much Worse’ Than ‘Everything Richard Nixon Did’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), fresh off former Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, for which Cruz is a member, spoke about the lead up to the investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Cruz called it “wrong” and “abusive,” and laid the blame on former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

“This was, from day one, a politicized partisan targeting of the president, of his campaign, of his team, of General [Michael] Flynn, of Carter Page. It was wrong. It was abusive,” Cruz said. “You know, take everything Richard Nixon did in office that was wrong, abusing power and by any measure, what Barack Obama and Joe Biden did was much, much worse. We know now that it went all the way to the top on January 5 of 2017 in the Oval Office — Barack Obama and Joe Biden both there, signing off on, aware of the targeting of General Flynn, the incoming National Security Advisor, and this was the day after, January 4, the FBI had concluded internally there was no basis to investigate or prosecute General Flynn because the evidence didn’t back it up.”

As for Rosenstein, Cruz said his appearance left much to be desired regarding his performance in his former post.

“‘I see nothing. I hear nothing’ — that was Rod Rosenstein’s defense today,” Cruz said. “Every element, essentially, he signed the papers in front of him. He said he just didn’t read the FISA applications, that he kind of read it quickly, but not every word. And he just took the FBI’s word for it. So the fact that you had an FBI lawyer fraudulently altering documents, he didn’t ask any questions.”

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