Pence: ‘No Significant Uptick’ in Coronavirus Cases from Protests, Memorial Day Weekend

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Vice President Mike Pence said that so far, there has not been “an increase in new cases” of coronavirus in the wake of widespread protests and there was “no significant uptick in new coronavirus cases” as a result of people gathering over Memorial Day weekend.

Pence said, “Our team has been following the potential health implications of these protests very closely, and what I can tell you is that, at this point, we don’t see an increase in new cases now, nearly two weeks on from when the first protests took effect. We’re also encouraged by the fact that you saw a great deal of consternation in the media over Memorial Day weekend, Lou, where there were many gatherings on boardwalks and beaches and places around the country. We saw no significant uptick in new coronavirus cases from that.”

He continued that Americans “have a lot of common sense. They understand the importance, as we continue to work every day to put this coronavirus in the past, of continuing good hygiene. Many people at protests were wearing masks and engaging in some social distancing, and we also know for a fact, Lou, that sunlight, humidity, heat all have a very good effect for us on defeating the coronavirus and its transmission. So, we remain hopeful. We’re following it, but at this point, now nearly two weeks on from the initial protests, we haven’t seen an uptick.”

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