Alfredo Ortiz: We Need a Targeted Payroll Tax Cut in Next COVID Bill

During an interview with One America News Network on Wednesday, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network, Alfredo Ortiz stated that a targeted payroll tax cut should be part of the coronavirus relief bill.

Ortiz said, “So, we are all about letting people keep more of their own money, which means the payroll tax cut, on both sides. And we’re very surgical, even, in our recommendation on this, is that we say, let’s focus on those companies that are 100 employees or less. And let’s give that tax cut relief to both the employer and the employee. We’re covering about 98.3% of small businesses –would be covered with that kind of a surgical payroll tax cut. And we think it’s significant. And it’s really not a stimulus check. … This is just letting more of people, whether you’re an employer or an employee, keep more of their own money. And it’s a very efficient way of doing it. Because you don’t have to send it to the government so that they send it back to you and you lose 20 to 30% of those dollars just in overheads related to that. So, we’re all about the payroll tax [cut].”

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