Elizabeth Warren: Joe Biden to Impose Green, Union Requirements for Gov’t Contracts

Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) revealed some of what a Biden administration may offer Americans if it becomes a reality after the November presidential election.

According to Warren, there could be added requirements for those to do business with the federal government to meet so-called green standards or be unionized.

“He’s doing another thing,” she explained. “He seized one of the powerful tools of government, the fact that it’s called procurement. It is the fact that the government buys a lot of stuff. Think about it. Our federal government buys steel to build battleships, and it buys toilet paper to put in federal office buildings. It is a huge buyer, one of the biggest in the world. And he’s using that leverage in his plan to say, we’re going to buy green. Think of what that will mean, to create more market more green manufacturing, green jobs through the economy.”

“And he says, and we’re going to buy American,” Warren continued. “And, this time, we’re really going to win it. We’re going to stop this business of all these waivers that these companies say, oh, yes, we’re supposedly buying American, but they’re not doing it. And we’re going to buy union. We’re going to encourage union jobs. So, he’s going to use this powerful tool and make it work for America. The second thing that he’s doing in this that’s really terrific, he’s being very intentional about who has been left out of this economy.”

“So, a big part of this plan is about making sure that communities of color get a real chance to participate in a growing economy, that African-Americans and Latinos and Native Americans, that women, when they own businesses, that they will get a chance to grow those small businesses and turn them into something, that, when we’re thinking about investment in America, that it doesn’t all just go to the two coasts, that it goes all across America and that we are really encouraging everybody and giving them opportunities to participate in this economy,” she added.

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