Meadows: ‘Rioters Trying to Instill Fear’ Into ‘Everyday Americans’ Lives’

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Wednesday reacted to President Donald Trump describing rioters violently protesting police-involved shootings as engaging in “domestic terror.”

Meadows said he “without a doubt” agrees with Trump’s assertion, adding the rioters seen across the country are “trying to instill fear just in every day Americans’ lives.”

“You know, what a terrorist does is try to instill fear and you don’t have to go any further than perhaps even the roads just outside the White House here where we have a number of these rioters trying to instill fear just in everyday Americans’ lives,” Meadows said on FNC’s “Fox & Friends.”

He continued, “[W]hether you see it here or as the president was talking about in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this is a president that has been very clear. He’s going to do two things: make sure our communities are safe and that we have a secure future. And so, he’s addressing both of those as he did yesterday with the folks in Wisconsin. Listen, the reception was unbelievable. It’s amazing when you stand up for safer communities and support law and order — and more importantly, our law enforcement officers — how people of all parties come together to — in a united way to actually applaud that.”

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