MSNBC’s Wallace: Trump’s Obama Obsession ‘Some Sick 50 Shades of a Racist Pig Stuff’

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace said President Donald Trump’s obsession with former President Barrack Obama is “some sick 50 shades of a racist pig stuff” on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Deadline: White House.”

Wallace said, “Another bucket writing on which Cohen will be seen as credible because he was a participant was the racist attacks on President Obama.”

Reading from a New York Times article on Michael Cohen’s book, Wallace said, “Trump was also obsessed with Mr. Obama. Cohen writes. The book describes Mr. Trump hiring a Faux-bama or fake Obama, were to record a video, Trump belittled the first black president and then fired him. A kind of fantasy fulfillment. It was hard to imagine any adult would spend serious money living out until he did the functional equivalent in the real world. The video Mr. Cohen describes appears to be a recording that was supposed to be shown the first night of the Republican National Convention in 2012 when Mr. Trump had endorsed the party’s nominee Mitt Romney and insisted on having time during the programming.”

Reacting to the article, Wallace declared, “This is some sick stuff, Aisha. Some sick 50 shades of a racist pig stuff. I don’t know what to say. I do not know what to say.”

Democratic strategist Aisha Mills said, “Oh, my God. I was thinking the exact same thing. What a fetish this guy had for Obama. Largely because Obama did what Trump will never be able to do, which is literally capture the hearts and the minds and the passions of people all across the world.”

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