McSally: ‘The President Nominates and the Senate Confirms, and We Will Do That Without Delay’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ), who is in the middle of a tough election fight with Mark Kelly, dismissed the suggestion her race might sway her vote on the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice.

McSally said she was relying on the Constitution for her decision.

“The guiding document is the Constitution. Look, I put my life on the line for 26 years in the military,” she said. “I raised my right hand at the oath of the Constitution. The president nominates, and the Senate confirms, and we will do that without delay. It will be a thorough process. It is very important for the future of our country to fill this position, and we will go through that process, and we will vote. And I, very quickly, said on Friday this Senate should vote on President Trump’s nominee.”

“You see the left,” McSally added. “The Democrats are trying to cook up some delay tactics. I think people are tired of that in Arizona. I hear from people all the time they just want people to do their jobs. And the Constitution is very clear, so you can expect us to vote without delay.”

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