Harris Refuses to Answer on Expanding SCOTUS: ‘Deal with Later Later’ and Don’t ‘Get Distracted’

During CNN’s coverage of Tuesday’s presidential debate, 2020 Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) refused to say whether she supports expanding the size of the Supreme Court if Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed and Democrats control the Senate and the White House by stating that we should “focus on what’s happening right now. Deal with later later.”

Harris responded to a question from host Jake Tapper on whether she will entertain expanding the court by saying, “We are 35 days away from an election that is probably the most important election of our lifetime and our children’s lifetime. And there is nothing about these next 35 days that Joe or I will take for granted. And so, the focus right now is on reminding people that we have this election that is very much in play. It is about reminding people that people are voting right now, almost a million people, Jake, in our country, have already voted. We are in the midst of an election, and the Republican leader of the Senate, together with Donald Trump, are, in the spirit of hypocrisy, trying to push through a nominee while the American people are voting. And so, Joe has been really clear. Let’s focus on what’s happening right now. Deal with later later. Focus on what’s happening right now, which is the American people are voting and they should be the ones to decide who will have the next lifetime appointment to the United States Supreme Court. Let’s not get distracted.”

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