Hillary Clinton: ‘Pathetic’ Sign of ‘Desperation’ Trump Releasing Russian Disinformation on Me

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton addressed an intelligence assessment declassified by Director National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Tuesday.

The claim is that then-Democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton approved a probe into candidate Donald Trump of ties to Russians hacking the Democratic National Committee.

Anchor Rachel Maddow said, “The Trump-appointed U.S. Intelligence Director tonight, hours before the first debate, released Russian disinformation to the public to smear Hillary Clinton. Politico reporting tonight that this Russian material “was previously rejected by Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee as having no factual basis.” But sure, let’s get it out there anyway. Tonight seems like a good time. They’re literally trying to create a new news story that the Russian collusion was a Hillary Clinton plot. In realizing this information, Trump’s intelligence director explicitly admits that the intelligence community does not know the accuracy of this allegation. But, sure, put it out there anyway and make sure that it makes headlines as the president takes the debate stage. Joining us once again is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Madame Secretary, thank you again for being here. I almost hesitate to ask you your reaction to them doing this, but I must.”

Clinton said, “I mean, it is a sign of such desperation by the Republicans, and it also is a reminder that President Trump knows that the Russians helped him win in 2016. And that is almost the biggest reason he wants to, you know, go back to it time and time again because he can’t come to grips with the fact that there will always with an err of illegitimacy around the 2016 campaign. And he also is always trying to change the subject, trying to somehow cast aspersions on anyone. I happen to be one of his favorite subjects for aspersion casting —but mostly, it’s just pathetic and a sign of their desperation. They know they’re losing, and they’re not just losing in the presidency, they’re losing in the Senate, they’re losing across the board. Because I think the American people are taking a hard look at President Trump and his Republican enablers and saying, you know, wait a minute, we can’t let this go on. You know, I may have disagreements with Democrats, with Joe Biden or somebody else, but let’s try to get back on some sensible track where we can begin to, you know, solve our problems, work with each other, and move past this nonsense that President Trump has been promoting for years now.”

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