Hirono: I Want Democrats to Take Back the Senate so We Can Have a Serious Discussion About ‘Court Reform’

During a Thursday interview on “MSNBC Live,” Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) stressed the importance of Democrats taking back the Senate so there can be a “serious discussion about court reform.”

This comes as Democrats threaten to pack the court in response to confirming Supreme Court justice nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Hirono suggested “rotating” circuit judges, limiting the years a Supreme Court justice can serve as part of the “number of things” court reform would entail.

“You have called it long overdue that justices, Democrats, if they can, move to put more justices on the Supreme Court. That is something that Joe Biden did not answer when it was put to him at the debate earlier this week. Are you disappointed in the former vice president’s non-answer on that?” anchor Hallie Jackson asked Hirono.

“No,” said Hirono. “My actual answer was that I have thought about Supreme Court reform that might include increasing the number of justices, but I certainly didn’t take the position that that’s what I want.”

“Do you want that?” clarified Jackson.

Hirono replied, “I want Democrats to take back the Senate so we can have a serious discussion about court reform.”

“What else could that include?” Jackson asked.

“You could have circuit court judges rotating, there are any number of things, you could … limit the number of years that a Supreme Court justice can sit,” Hirono asserted. “There are any number of things. This is why there will be no serious discussion about any of this unless the Democrats take back the Senate.”

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