Ana Navarro: Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis a Reminder to ‘Wear the Damn Mask’

Guest host Ana Navarro said on Friday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View” that the positive coronavirus diagnosis of President Donald Trump is a “reminder for all of us to wear the damn mask.”

Navarro said, “It’s sobering news. It’s very serious news. I think it’s a reminder for all of us that even though the numbers seem to be going down that this is still very much a serious threat for all Americans. I think it’s a reminder for all of us to wear the damn mask.”

She continued, “I saw today this tweet by Joe Biden where he was expressing his concern, offering prayers and well wishes to the president and the first lady. I think that’s exactly the right tone. I’m grateful for Joe Biden having set an example by him wearing a mask, by him social distancing and by him setting this tone of offering good wishes. You can offer good wishes and you can wish nothing but the best to Donald Trump. That’s what all Americans should be doing right now because this is a very serious illness. We should not wish it on anybody, on any American, on any human. It is a threat to all of us. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t recognize how badly he has mishandled this virus, that he has not worn a mask, that he was making fun of Joe Biden for wearing a mask.”

She added, “I think a lot of Americans right now like me are feeling both things. I want him to get better. I want him to lose, but I don’t want him to suffer any harm, and I want him to get better. I want there to be a fair election.  But at the same time, I also want this to serve as a sobering lesson for all Americans, those who are refusing to wear the mask, those who think this is a hoax, those who of not been social distancing, to take it seriously because we are far, far from being out of the woods.”

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