Ted Cruz: Religious Liberty, Free Speech, Second Amendment Threatened if Biden Wins

During a Friday appearance on the Fox News Channel to promote his book “One Vote Away: How a Single Supreme Court Seat Can Change History,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) warned of consequences if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the presidency on November 3.

Cruz told FNC’s Neil Cavuto that fundamental liberties would be threatened under a Biden presidency.

“I think the hard left is going to show up, no matter what,” he explained. “I think they hate the president. They’re going to crawl over broken glass to vote. The big question is, does everyone else show up and vote? And that’s actually why I wrote the book “One Vote Away,” is, it’s designed — if you’re a voter at home, and, for one reason or another, maybe you’re not thrilled with Donald Trump, you might not like what he says or what he tweets, and you’re trying to think, ‘Gosh, do I vote or not,’ this book is designed to make the case to you that, if you care about your fundamental liberties, if you want to preserve your religious liberty, if you want to preserve your right to free speech, if you want to preserve the Second Amendment, there are four votes that have been on the Supreme Court to take those rights away.”

“And if Joe Biden wins, we are facing a loss of our fundamental liberties,” Cruz continued. “And this book is designed to make that very real by helping you understand just how close the court is to destroying those rights. And I will tell you, Neil, it’s been amazing. The book has become the number one bestseller in the country on Amazon. And I think that’s because people want to understand what’s going on with the court. What are the stakes in this election? What are the stakes in the confirmation battle over Judge Barrett? And this book — you don’t have to be a lawyer to enjoy this book.”

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