Donald Trump Jr.: Mainstream Media, Social Media Complex ‘in the Pocket of the Democrats’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Donald Trump, Jr., executive vice president of the Trump Organization, talked about what his father President Donald Trump’s priorities should be to improve his Election Day chances.

However, the younger Trump said the difficulty was overcoming mainstream media and social media bias.

“Listen, I think it’s just about getting out there,” he said. “When people hear our message, we win. That’s a no-brainer. Donald Trump’s record of accomplishment is unprecedented in the U.S. presidency, but what we’re up against is a mainstream media and a social media complex that’s literally trying to sensor real news from getting to people. They are just totally in the pocket of the Democrats, they are doing whatever they can to fight for them, and that’s what we’re up against.”

“So, we have to be on the ground, we have to be everywhere to bring that message to people, to make sure they understand what’s at stake and if you’ve been watching for the last week with what social media has done about, you know, Joe Biden’s corruption and the Biden family being totally compromised by all of these foreign powers with millions and millions and millions of dollars that Joe Biden knew about and was in the meetings on, you know when you see that kind of censorship, you realize that the First Amendment, you know, the basic rights of freedom of speech are literally on the table this election because big tech and mainstream media are doing whatever they can to make sure that people don’t get to have a voice, and that message can’t be heard,” Trump continued.

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