Joe Scarborough: Trump’s ‘Whining and Pouting’ About Election Is ‘Unmanly’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Monday on his show “Morning Joe” that President Donald Trump was acting “unmanly” about the results of the 2020 presidential election by “whining and pouting.”

Scarborough said, “I been coaching baseball and all these other sports, and that’s what I always teach my kids. I’m coaching. First of all, don’t ever talk to the ump, I’ll do that. Don’t ever look —you know, show respect and show respect to your opponents. When you win, fantastic, don’t rub their nose in it. When you lose, shake their hands and tell them ‘good job.'”

He continued, “What Donald Trump is doing right now, it goes against what — by the way, all the parents that I have known like for blanking 40 years have done the same thing. This goes against everything that we teach our children. This goes against everything. I ought to say, you know, maybe I’ll get in trouble for saying this, but at least in the culture where I’m from, it’s unmanly to sit here and whine and pout, the way he’s whining and pouting. You get knocked on the ground. ‘Bear’ Bryant would say, wipe yourself up, get up on your feet and try it again. This guy’s not doing it. He is acting disgraceful that we’d never allow our children, our girls and boys, in competitive sports to be. And he’s just, again, this display is just, again in the culture I’m from in the Deep South it is just unmanly.”

Panelist Donny Deutsch said, “Joe, he was a sore winner, and he’s a pathetic impotent loser. Roy Cohn was the greatest influence, and he taught him, even if you lose, you didn’t lose. If you lose in court, you say you won. He does look pathetic.”

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