MSNBC’s Elise Jordan: Trump ‘Completely Emasculated’ — ‘He Has Lost His Power’

Wednesday, MSNBC analyst Elise Jordan reacted to a Politico report claiming President Donald Trump is using the Georgia Senate runoffs to collect money but only giving a small fraction of the donated funds to the Republican National Committee. The report says this move has “rankled Republicans.”

During “Morning Joe,” Jordan said it “really sad” that Republicans are “being bullied by Donald Trump” even though he has been “completely emasculated” and is on his way out of the White House. She said this shows the GOP’s “weakness.”

“It’s really sad that Republican leaders are still being bullied by Donald Trump,” Jordan stated. “Even as he has lost his power, he’s completely emasculated, and he’s on the way out the door. And yes, Donald Trump is going to remain a cult-like figure with around 25% of the country, but his power is dramatically diminished. And the fact that they are still letting the grift continue, and they still can’t stop it — it shows just such weakness in this whole episode. I can’t believe that we are having to discuss who won the election, that it’s even a thing that the Senate majority leader says, ‘Oh hey, well, it looks like, you know, Joe Biden won it.'”

She continued, “It shows such disrespect for Republican voters that their leaders think that they are so stupid that they actually are going to fall in line with this fantasy game that Donald Trump is playing hoping that the Santa Claus of elections is going to eventually … what we all know is reality, and that’s that Joe Biden is the president-elect.”

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