GOP Rep. Buck: ‘It’s Payback Time’ for the Incoming Biden Administration to Big Tech

Tuesday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) warned Big Tech was making inroads into the incoming Biden administration, which he said could have policy repercussions given the tech companies spent big on the 2020 election cycle.

Buck called it “payback time.”

“No doubt about it, and it’s not surprising,” he replied. “You see where the vice presidential pick was from and the support that she had during her career, and then you see the money that flowed into the Biden campaign, and it’s payback time. It’s time that the Biden administration make sure that Google, Amazon and the others are taken care of. And they’ll do it by placing personnel in key positions, as well as continuing the flow of money back and forth.”

The Colorado lawmaker also referenced the Hunter Biden story’s suppression by online platforms operated by Big Tech companies to bolster his point.

“It all comes back to the fact that Google and Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter are monopolies, and they enjoy monopoly status,” Buck added. “They crush their opposition, and they are protected now by the Biden administration, and it’s very concerning because they control the flow of information in this country. And perfect case in point is The New York Post article about Hunter Biden, that was suppressed so that it would not affect the election, and when the truth is suppressed, this country really should be concerned about the monopolies that we’re dealing with.”

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