Thursday as part of CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, network correspondents Gary and Lindsay Tuchman hit the slopes at Mt. Hood Skibowl in Oregon.

The Tuchmans decided to interview fellow skiers about coming out to ring in the new year on the slopes.

“Can I ask you a quick question? What made you decide to come here New Year’s Eve?” Tuchman asked a skier.

“Oh gosh, just to get out and get some fresh air; be with friends and family,” the skier replied.

Tuchman then shamed the skier for not wearing a mask during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“You don’t have your mask on,” he noted.

“Oh yeah. … I don’t have it on right now,” the skier said, adding she would put it on when she entered the lodge.

“What I want to quickly point out to you [is] they have very strict measures here. You are supposed to have your mask on,” Tuchman scolded. “I’m not the guardian angel. I’m sorry about that.”

Tuchman moved on to a snowboarder to ask why he was there for New Year’s Eve. The man lowered his mask to respond to Tuchman, who concluded the interview by telling the snowboarder, “Get your mask on, OK?”

As the Tuchmans went down the slope, Gary emphasized the ski resort’s strict measures while speaking with CNN’s “NYE Live” hosts Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper.
He stated, “They’re being very tight here. When you go on the ski lift, you have to have your mask on.”

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