Deutsch: ‘Shame’ of Riots Means Trump and Trumpers, and His Family Are ‘Banished Forever’

MSNBC regular Donny Deutsch said Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that the “shame” from the deadly riots at the US Capitol earlier this week, means “Trump and Trumpers and his family” will be “banished forever.”

Deutsch said, “This has always been about race. All of the Trumpism is a simple, simple thing. It’s that there are terrified, angry, fearful, ignorant people that understand by the year 2045, this country will no longer be predominantly white. They are terrified. They blame every ill in their own life, whatever misery they have on their life, they blame it on the other, blame it on the Mexican, blame it on the Black, blame it on the Jew. That’s what Donald Trump tapped into. Other than rich people looking for the tax break, that’s what every Trump vote was all about.”

On the riots, Deutsch said, “I do believe the one positive thing in this is that it put a stake through Trump’s heart. We are not going to have to live with the next four years of Trump with a megaphone. There is shame attached to Trump and Trumpers and his family, and they will be gone and banished forever. So, sometimes you need to kill the head of the nauseating, disgusting, smelly fish, and that is the positive outcome of what we had to sit through this week.”

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