CNN’s Bash on Biden’s COVID Presser: Anybody Who Has Any Connection to Reality Saw the Adults Are Back

CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash said Thursday on “Newsroom” that President Joe Biden’s press conference on his administration’s coronavirus pandemic response felt like “the adults are back in the room.”

Bash said, “I mean if you take what you just saw and heard in totality, anybody who has any connection to reality about what is going on around them should have watched that and said, ‘The adults are back in the room.’ That is what the kind the kind of vibe was that President Biden was clearly trying to get out there.”

She continued, “It made it easier because he has a plan. He has a plan that he and his transition have been working on for a very long time. And it is aided by the fact, as you said, Brooke, that he is very clear it is not going to happen overnight. It is going to get worse before it gets better. But he is addressing so many of the issues, from mask-wearing — he added, in addition to what he said and did yesterday, making a mask mandate the law of the land in federal buildings, he said that would be also interstate, including planes and trains and automobiles.”

She added, “Then the thing that every parent out there is struggling with, still almost a year into this pandemic, which is the fact that so many schools are closed. The fact that he is putting the people in charge, the Department of Education, HHS, to specifically focus on finding ways to get them back to school safely, which is with testing, vaccines. I mean, we have more tools now, but it has been the Wild West out there for schools in so many places around the country. So that was what he was trying to communicate. Anybody who has it in them to listen, it was hard not to feel that way.”

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