Watch: MSNBC’s Wallace Cuts Away from Kevin McCarthy — ‘What You Are Watching Now Is Not True’

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace cut away from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) floor remarks on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) Thursday on her show “Deadline” saying, “what you are watching right now isn’t true.”

From the House floor, McCarthy said, “They rushed impeachment through without a shred of due process just like today. Reducing this tool from the highest constitutional remedy to just another opportunity to fund raise and go on TV. Now they are declaring the majority has veto power over the minorities members selection for committee. We reviewed this with the parliamentarian. Never before in the history of this House has the majority abused its power in this way. Never in the entire history of this House have they ever abused the power in this way. But it is clear that Speaker Pelosi’s caucus think differently. They are blinded by partisanship and politics. It’s the American people who will suffer the most because of it. As far as the member in question, let me be very clear, Representative Greene’s past comments and posts as a private citizen do not represent of values of my party. As a Republican, as a conservative, as an American, I condemn those views unequivocally. I condemned them when they first surfaced and I condemn them today. This house overwhelmingly voted to condemn the dangerous lies of QAnon last Congress, and continue to do so. I also made this clear when I met with representative Greene. I also made clear that we as members have a responsibility to hold ourselves to a higher standard. She acknowledged this during or conversation and apologized for her past comments. I will hold her to her words and her actions moving forward.”

Cutting away Wallace said, “We’re going to come out of it because most of it is not true. Most of what Kevin McCarthy is saying, while he appears to believe it as it comes out of his mouth, is not true. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s committee appointments are not in the air and up for a vote today because of Democrats. It’s in the air and up for a vote today because Kevin McCarthy can’t clean his own house. He led 61 of his colleagues to vote against Liz Cheney’s leadership post because she had the audacity to call an insurrection incited by Donald Trump an insurrection inspired by and incited by Donald Trump. So what you are watching right now isn’t true.”

Wallace added, “How do we get back to —or can we ever get back to real debates between Democrats and Republicans when the Republicans don’t start at a baseline of true and honest disagreement?”

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