Mace: Congress Won’t Fund a Border Wall, But Will Fund Fencing to Keep People Out of Capitol

During an interview released on Wednesday’s “Fox News Rundown” podcast, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) criticized the “hypocrisy” of members of Congress opposing funding a wall on the border, but supporting “fencing and keeping people out of our Capitol.”

Mace said, “[H]ere we have a Congress that doesn’t want to fund a border wall at our southern border, yet they want to fund fencing and keeping people out of our Capitol. And so, I think one of the frustrations we’ve seen…that people have with Congress and with our nation’s capital is the hypocrisy and the way that we apply different policies or ideologies to our country. People should — this is a free country, we shouldn’t be blocking people from visiting our Capitol. It is a safe place today.”

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