GOP Rep. Jackson: Trump ‘Is in Control’ of the Republican Party

In an interview that aired Monday on Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) argued that the Republican Party was still the party of former President Donald Trump.

He argued impeachment was used as a means to stop any future political efforts of Trump but said two months after that, it appeared not to have worked.

“[I] think the Republican Party went through a tough couple of months,” he said. “I think a lot of people didn’t know exactly where this was going to go. The Democrats prayed that Donald Trump was dead and buried. And that’s why the whole impeachment sham was there. They didn’t want to ever see him back to the surface again, and they thought they had to impeach him to make sure that never happened. They prayed that they had gotten rid of him.”

“There are even some people in the Republican Party that I think after January 6 happened, they thought, ‘Well, Trump is dead now. He is not coming back,'” Jackson added. “And they started trending off in another direction, and we’re really supporting the President or his agenda. Well, what we know now, two months later, is that President Trump is in control of this party. President Trump is running this party right now. He is leading this party. And his ‘Keep America Great,’ ‘Make America Great,’ America-first agenda is the movement that he started. Whether or not President Trump ever runs for office again or is ever an elected official again — it does not matter. The movement that President Trump started is alive and well.”

Jackson added that the CPAC event over the weekend had proven his sentiment and that President Joe Biden’s alternative approach had consequences that people are living now.

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