GOP Sen. Hagerty: Trump Led the ‘Most Consequential Presidency We Have Seen in My Lifetime’

Can former President Donald Trump unify the GOP? According to Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN), he can.

During an interview that aired Monday on Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, the Tennessee Republican freshman U.S. Senator called the Trump presidency the “most consequential” of his life and vowed to push back against President Joe Biden’s efforts to take the country in the opposite direction.

“If you think about the vision that Ronald Reagan brought forth, and I think his impact on the Republican Party is stronger than people probably imagined it at that point in time,” he explained. “And it transcended future administrations. This administration, President Trump’s administration, and as I said, this on the main stage — his is the most consequential presidency we have seen in my lifetime. He has only had his first term so far, but in those four years, he accomplished more than any president I have seen accomplish in my lifetime.”

“President Trump has the ability to unify our party,” Hagerty continued. “He has the ability to message the fact that those policies that made America great again are the policies that are going to continue to win for America. And I think Joe Biden is going to begin to contrast so much with the policies that put our nation on a juggernaut, forward-leaning from a military standpoint, from a diplomatic standpoint and certainly from an economic standpoint. What we see the Biden administration doing is taking us back.  My job in the United States Senate is going to be to push back on that every day of the week.”

Hagerty said he anticipated Trump would continue to be active in the world of politics.

“[I] am convinced he is going to remain engaged,” Hagerty said. “They can de-platform him. They can do, you know, whatever they’re going to do. But you can tell from the energy here right now that President Trump has the ability to bring us together and continue to cast a vision of a greater and more prosperous America. That’s what we need to see as Americans. Americans appreciate strength. And that’s the kind of nation the world needs. The world is desperately hungry for American leadership. I felt it every day when I was serving as U.S. ambassador to Japan.”

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