Malcolm Nance: It Sounded Like Josh Hawley ‘Worried’ FBI Has Something on Him

MSNBC national security analyst Malcolm Nance claimed Tuesday on “The Beat” that Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) questions to FBI Director Christopher Wray during his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee sounded as if he were “worried.”

Melber said, “You have Republican senator Josh Hawley. He was the first Senator to join the Trump plot to get the Senate in on overthrowing the election. Then what you see here will live in infamy as he held up his fist this way in solidarity with the MAGA crowd that the FBI director identifies now as full of terrorists and white supremacists. He led that charge, as I mentioned, and today at the hearing with all of this context, Hawley tried to go at the FBI director with his argument, his attempt to present himself as someone questioning how this whole thing went down, how did this riot occur.”

Political commentator Jason Johnson said, “When I saw Josh Hawley asking that question, it was the biggest asking for a friend senator thing I’ve ever seen. Are you nervous, Josh? Are you nervous that maybe some of your text messages or some of your staff people are out there?”

He added, “It is highly unlikely that the FBI hasn’t already started to target thieves who were in the temple that day. So that’s what I saw with Josh Hawley. It was an interesting line of questioning for somebody who was smack-dab in the middle of this from the very beginning, and now he is concerned that suddenly our information is out there like our credit card information got stolen.”

Nance said, “Yeah, it’s like the Gambinos interviewing the director of the FBI and saying, ‘So exactly how do you do a wiretap and what kind of trucks would you use and where exactly would you locate them and how loud do we have to be talking for you get good copy?’ Right? I thought that question was insane. I thought he’s worried about GEO fencing, which is the technical term for the electronic fence that determines where all of these signals are. I think he has something to worry about.”

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