GOP Rep. Gimenez on Border Crisis: ‘Basically, It’s Modern-Day Slavery’

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “The Next Revolution,” Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) discussed his recent visit to see firsthand the crisis at United States’ border with Mexico.

Gimenez described the situation at the border as “modern-day slavery.” He added the border crisis is seeing the molestation of young females, indentured servitude until families can come up with the funds for being transported across the border, and the murdering of immigrants who cannot come up with the funds.

“Look, what I saw at that Customs and Border Protection facility hundreds and hundreds of children, boys and girls — and I’m talking boys and girls — I’m not talking 17, 16 — I’m really talking boys and girls — I’m talking five, six, seven — they come across the border by themselves,” Gimenez recalled. “They have little pieces of paper telling them call so-and-so and an address. But here is the thing — a lot of these girls, young girls, are being molested. Maybe up to 30% are being molested. It costs their parents $4,00o to $6,000 to get them across. A Chinese immigrant trying to get across $35,000. We estimate that the cartels — the multinational cartels — are making close to half a billion dollars per month. They use these migrants to divert Customs and Border Protection agents to a certain section, and then they go ahead and rush the other sections that are unprotected, and they bring us drugs and all other kinds of mayhem that they bring in.”

“[T]his is great for the multinational cartels. It’s horrible for the migrants who … some are being murdered on the other side of the border if they can’t come up with the money,” he continued. “They are being extorted. And they are also being used —- if they get across — ‘Hey, you owe us $6,000. You are now an indentured servant here in the United States until you pay us back.’ Basically, it’s modern-day slavery. That is what is going on in the border, and it’s outrageous.”

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