Chris Christie: ‘Me Not Wearing a Mask Was a Mistake’

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday said it was a “mistake” for him to not wear a mask at the White House during the coronavirus pandemic.

Christie, who spent a week in the hospital fighting COVID-19, told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he felt “safe” not wearing one at the White House, but he knows he was “wrong.” He urged Americans to get the vaccine to reduce the risk of severe effects.

“I’ve already said, you know, that me not wearing a mask was a mistake,” Christie advised. “And the proof of it being a mistake was that I got COVID, and I was in the intensive care unit for seven days. And so, it was a mistake, and I think, you know, the ad campaign I did back in December that got a lot of attention in that regard. But I’m telling you why. You asked why. That’s why. That’s why people thought it was safe. I thought it was safe.”

He continued, “And what I’m trying to emphasize to people now regarding the vaccine is my personal story. I had worn a mask for seven months before I went to the White House and had remained healthy. I believed I was OK without a mask in the White House. I was wrong. Now, we have to remember the randomness of how this disease spreads and the randomness of how it will affect you.”

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