John Kennedy Compares Big Tech to ‘Bolsheviks’ — ‘We Need to Regulate Them’

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) on Wednesday reacted to the Facebook Advisory Board’s decision to uphold former President Donald Trump’s ban from their platform.

Kennedy likened big tech CEOs to “Bolsheviks.” He then pushed to regulate big tech companies, much like telephone and other utility companies.

“Those not wishing, Bill, to reside in La La Land, I think will agree with the facts as I’m about to articulate them,” Kennedy began. “Number one, most of the young people — and some of the old people — who are running these social media platforms are practically Bolsheviks. I mean, they’re wokeristas. Now, that’s OK. This is America. You can believe what you want. But no one believes that these social media platforms will regulate, or censor, let’s say Senator Bernie Sanders like they would former President Donald Trump or Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. And I think the facts bear that out.”

“Number two, everybody says well, they are private companies, and they can do what they want. Yes, they’re private companies. … We need to regulate them just like we regulate telephone companies and internet and … utility companies. And those are the facts,” he added. “I am not saying that Facebook’s politics are right or wrong. I’m saying they shouldn’t have politics. And the only way to get this straight is to either properly regulate them or break them up. But — I’m starting to repeat myself, Bill — but the fact is everybody knows their politics are to the left and that they act on it. And that has nothing to do with Trump or Senator Sanders. That’s just wrong.”

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