Brzezinski: ‘If You Want to Follow the Science’ There Are Times You Need to Wear a Mask After Being Vaccinated

MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski on Tuesday advised that “if you want to follow the science,” then there are times you should still wear a mask despite being fully vaccinated.

Brzezinski suggested there is a chance “we could run into problems again” because the coronavirus pandemic is “not completely behind us.”

“The CDC is saying go back to living your normal life. This is needed for a lot of reasons,” host Joe Scarborough said of the relaxation of restrictions. “We can talk about businesses — that’s one big part of it — we can talk about restaurants, we can talk about family businesses that have been absolutely shattered by this, but we also need to talk about mental health. We have to have a return to normalcy. And when the CDC is saying return to normal and vaccinations are skyrocketing up over 60%, we need to return to normal for so many reasons.”

“I hear everything you’re saying,” Brzezinski replied. “I do think, though, there needs to be some clarity that there are some pockets of the country that may not be ready. I’m here in Washington. In many ways, I’m here doing ‘Know your value’ interviews, but I’m working with a team here, and there is one person on the team who is not vaccinated. I’m wearing a mask around that person. You know, it is, really, if you want to follow the science, then there are times you need to still wear the mask. And that’s where I think it gets really confusing as we try and move forward as a country and put this pandemic behind us.”

She added, “The other thing is, this pandemic is not behind us globally. And that means that we could run into problems again. You never know. If you’re looking at the science, and you’re looking at breakthrough cases, and you’re looking at other strains, it’s not completely behind us. And that’s why I think this could be very confusing along the way.”

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