McCarthy: ‘Democrats Want to Stifle Thought — Republicans Understand that Strengthens Us, the Free Thought, the Free Process’

During Sunday’s broadcast of FNC’s “The Next Revolution,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) contrasted the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, noting the trend to “stifle” thought underway within the Democratic Party.

McCarthy told host Steve Hilton that was, in part, why former President Donald Trump succeeded as he had.

“[T]he Democrats want to stifle thought,” he said. “Republicans understand that strengthens us, the free thought, the free process. I mean, when you sit back and look, even in the last election when they want to criticize President Trump that he didn’t win the election — you know what he did win? Not one Republican in the House lost — the first time since 1994. We beat 15 Democrats, and every single Democrat lost to a Republican woman or Republican minority. Remember — when President Trump won the presidency last time, he did it by bringing Democrats, others joining.”

“And for those criticizing the President — the Romneys and the others — remember he won the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, places Republicans weren’t winning before since back to Ronald Reagan,” McCarthy continued. “And he listened to those who were not being able to be listened to — the unheard American, not the one who goes to the Academy Awards or believes in the country club. He listens to the average American who works hard, wants a better life for their child, who doesn’t look at the color of their skin or judge people on their sexuality or others, but firmly believes that America was conceived in liberty and a dedicated proposition that we’re all equal. That’s what our first Republican president said.”

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